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For YOU.


Here is where I tell you

about me:

I make music

Music for movies

Music for games

Music for life

If you need music

I'm here to work for you


And my goal will always

Be the same as yours


Travis Misenti

Director, Echo Worlds

“Travis delivered top-notch, industry-professional score in lightspeed! He was flexible and accommodating with all my notes and requests and worked around the clock to deliver a fully-realized 1980s-style soundtrack with purely original music. I was blown away by how authentic and appropriate all of the cues sounded. It was a really incredibly rewarding experience working with him. His tracks were critical in realizing my vision for Echo Worlds."


Developer, Blessed Surface

“Travis is not only a skilled composer, but also an extremely adaptive and flexible one. His work gave my project a musical identity, and fans were thrilled with the results. Professional and easy to work with!”

Hayley Trafzer

Director, Girl Gang

“Struggling to find a composer that understood my vision, a friend recommended Travis Kirby. I had high demands as we needed music completed within a week. It’s so crucial to find a crew united in working together to bring a singular vision to life, and finding the right composer is not always easy. Travis surpassed my expectations. His music is brilliant, but it’s his commitment to storytelling and understanding of how music can make or break a film that ultimately speaks to his talent as a composer.”

Marlene Emilia Rios

Director, We Choose to Go


“Working with Travis on the score for We Choose To Go was truly inspiring. Travis is extremely creative and able to successfully interpret any note I throw at him—no matter how strange it may be. Everything he delivered was unique and completely original to the film. His score really brought forward the emotional core of the film and gave it the depth it needed.”

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