From sweeping space themes to retrorock TV openers. Narrative rap to vintage doowop overtures. No genre, tone, or style is ever out of reach.




Sometimes pictures speak for themselves, and intruding on that power can be a cinematic sin. Emphasizing the right emotion, be it obvious or subtle, is massively important to any project.




As a longtime songwriter, Travis adds a twist to his compositions with pop and rock sensibilities: Earworm hero's anthems—vintage diegetic radio ads—era-emulating original pop songs—French folk tunes from alternate universes... You name it, it's yours.




Sometimes music needs to be... not quite musical. Experience with a wide-variety of sonic manipulation techniques has allowed Travis to think far outside the realm of simple harmony or melody into the musical universe built on the shoulders of great composers like John Cage and William Basinski.



Straightforward songs with words and stuff. Sometimes without words too.

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